Welcome to The Fig Writer’s Studio.  This is the beginning of a new adventure and I hope you’ll come along and be inspired to write something you love or else have fun trying.

Stories are at the core of our existence as human beings.  Stories travel through time and space.  They have the power to haunt and awaken, to uplift, or to crack your cold dead heart wide open.  Stories matter whether you think they are true and regardless of whether you think they represent any version of reality as you or any one or thing knows it.

And for as long as stories have existed, there has been an ever-loving kind of very special human being that feels compelled to write the darn things down with whatever medium is currently available (e.g. papyri) or in vogue (I’m looking at you hipster typewriter wielding people).  It is for these people, which we call writers, that The Fig Writer’s Studio exists.

The Fig Writer’s Studio offers a range of interesting and carefully crafted writing workshops for the novice as well as the seasoned writers among us.  Have a look around our website and check out our upcoming offerings.  If you like what you see, sign up to receive information about our programs and special alerts when registration opens for each workshop.

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