Storyteller’s Summer Camp. Interested? Let us know!


Soon the balmy and humid days of our Houston “Winter” will give way to the Spring, where we Houstonians bear witness to a brief and magical explosion of azaleas and the dizzy haze of baby insects pulsing with life and hovering at just the right distance from the pavement to whisper hello in the most intimate of manners directly into our faces.  Ah! Spring!

And then it will be SUMMER; long and wet and swampy, how we like it.

Here at The Fig Writer’s Studio we are busy putting together plans to host a summer creative writing camp for your inspired young storytellers.

If you’ve got a storyteller between the ages of 8 and 12 and you are looking for an air conditioned day full of the art of storytelling fun, such as creative writing, pod casting, digital & visual arts, and plenty of play time, then contact us and let us know.  We will send you our summer camp survey and details on how to register when we are ready to accept students.

Get Inspired for Summer Storytelling!


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