For the Happy New Year an Inspired Writing Contest!

Happy New Year from The Fig Writer's Studio and Zelzeleh Online Literary Magazine!

The Fig Writer’s Studio and Zelzeleh Online Literary Magazine wish everyone a happy, peaceful, and writerly new year!

True to our small business/side hustle/writerly nature we are busy as bees preparing for 2018, on the penultimate day of 2017.  We intend to have great fun bringing our community interesting programs, workshops, and events this year.  Plans are well underway for the launch of Zelzeleh in the summer.  We’ve reached out to artists and writers across the creative spectrum to break ground on new, experimental, fun, and provocative stories, poems, essays and whatnot (lots of whatnot).  If you haven’t already, please SUBMIT your best work for consideration!  We can’t wait to read it, truly.

We also plan to offer more workshops for children and adults alike!  So keep an eye on our webpage and sign up for our newsletter.

This year we are also trying something special-different-interactive with our community by launching our Inspired Writing Contest. On the 1st of each month we will post an inspirational quote, text, or image on our Instagram and Facebook pages, maybe also Twitter (if the mystery of hashtags and their usefulness can be solved). Then all you writers out there in the ether of the interwebs can submit an inspired short story or personal essay between 350 and 650 words by the 15th. The winner will be announced on the first of the following month, and the winning story/essay will be posted on The Fig Writer’s Studio blog.  There are no fees to enter and we won’t be handing out prize money (though if you’re looking to make bank, you may take a gander at our submission guidelines for Zelzeleh because WE PAY on publication over there) but we hope this will be a way for us all to have a very good & enjoyable time and read some interesting stuff someone wrote really quickly (but with care and attention to detail!).

Contest Guidelines:

Eligibility: Any writer. Any age, yes, even kids (with parental consent if you’re under 18), and the beautiful and elderly, are welcome to submit their work.

Timeline: Submit by the 15th of the month of inspiration.

Procedure: Email your entry to us at In the subject line please include [Month]/Inspired Writing Contest. The winner will be notified directly and the story/essay will be published on The Fig Writer’s Studio blog on the first of the following month.

Easy as peas!

Once again, we wish you all a bright and productive new year and hope to run into the normal versions of many of you in person at some point in the very near or very distant future.

Hugs and all that,

The “B” Team at The Fig Writer’s Studio & Zelzeleh Online Literary Magazine (“A” team is on Holiday)


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