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    Available during the Academic Year

    Children’s Workshops with Dana Robinson

    Our Children’s Workshop is a lively and intellectually engaging program that introduces children to the art and craft of writing through storytelling and imagination.  Our program endeavors to entertain and foster creative expression, as well as explore the function and values of writing, stimulate our children’s imaginations, and clarify thinking.  Our goal is to teach our children to write compelling stories, with creative transitions, character desires, obstacles, climax, dialogue and resolve. Our programs are offered in partnership with Houston schools and educational institutions, and provide children with a critical set of skills and tools to navigate the human experience.  We believe creative writing offers children a safe space to make sense of the world around them, as well as a way to explore humor, narrative complexity, abstraction, and metaphor.  We also believe in having fun, encouraging whimsy and wonder, and being inspired to write!  Contact us for more information about how to bring our program to your child’s school or to arrange a personalized program for a group of children.  We offer programs for children in Elementary, Middle, and High School.

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    Forthcoming Fall 2017

    Storytelling, Using Still Image and Written Word with Spike Johnson

    The diversification of narrative medium is valuable. Text adjacent to still image offers the audience an intimate perspective, and alternative languages with which to view a subject. Immersive storytelling allows us the access, time, and trust to explore a theme. It offers us a rabbit hole to climb down, a doorway with which to connect empathy, and ideas to translate through reporting. This workshop will teach attendees to combine two disciplines – words and images, and the workflows to record both concurrently. It will explain methods of story selection, gaining access, written/ visual narrative building, safety, trust, and the immersive techniques necessary to allow enough time to produce material. Workshop sessions will be divided between lectures, group discussion, and critiques. An out of workshop practice project will be assigned to each attendee. No specialist equipment will be required, however each attendee should have an image-making device, preferably digital (an iPhone is possible), and a laptop computer. This course requires a minimum number of students to enroll.
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    Thursdays in October 2017

    Short Story Bootcamp with Kafah Bachari Haggerty

    Get ready to be inspired to write a story a week!  This workshop is for new and seasoned writers.  There is no in-class writing.  You will receive an assignment for the first class when you register.
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    Meeting on Saturday September 9, 16, 23, & 30, 2:00pm to 5:00 pm

    So You Have the Burning Itch to be a Novelist? with Lilas Taha

    This interactive workshop offers insight into the elements required for writing a novel. Participants will learn how to create believable characters with clear motivation and obstacles to overcome as well as story development through scene, imagery, conflict, adequate dramatization and ending. Each session includes exercises that explore writer’s voice, tone of the narrative, and issues pertaining to point of view. Participants will learn methods to create the specific mood of the story, explore personal style, and will have the opportunity to submit their already written work to receive critique and feedback. No special equipment or material is required, other than the preferred method of taking notes. All classwork and homework material will be provided.
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