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Children’s Workshops with Dana Robinson

Our Children’s Workshop is a lively and intellectually engaging program that introduces children to the art and craft of writing through storytelling and imagination.  Our program endeavors to entertain and foster creative expression, as well as explore the function and values of writing, stimulate our children’s imaginations, and clarify thinking.  Our goal is to teach our children to write compelling stories, with creative transitions, character desires, obstacles, climax, dialogue and resolve. Our programs are offered in partnership with Houston schools and educational institutions, and provide children with a critical set of skills and tools to navigate the human experience.  We believe creative writing offers children a safe space to make sense of the world around them, as well as a way to explore humor, narrative complexity, abstraction, and metaphor.  We also believe in having fun, encouraging whimsy and wonder, and being inspired to write!  Contact us for more information about how to bring our program to your child’s school or to arrange a personalized program for a group of children.  We offer programs for children in Elementary, Middle, and High School.

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About Dana


Dana Robinson has been writing and editing professionally for 9 years, with her first article appearing in print publication in 2007. She has edited or co-edited several published books, and is currently writing her first full-length work, a personal memoir.

Dana received her formal education at the University of Houston–Downtown, where she majored in professional writing, minored in creative writing, and was the recipient of the Upper Division Writing award for best essay. She completed internships with Writers In The Schools, working as a teaching assistant in creative writing summer camps for students in Pre-K through 6th Grade; and The Bayou Review, helping publish this student-run literary magazine.

Dana’s most recent works can be seen in Houston Family MagazineThe Bayou Review, as well as Dateline Downtown. Dana has also lent her talents extensively to non-profits she cares about, creating newsletters for after school programs and family services organizations.

Dana is excited to join The Fig Writer’s Studio, where her passion for education and the arts will culminate in a dynamic and fun experience for all of our young students. She believes there is a seed of creativity inside each and every one of us, but some just need an encouraging gardener to see it grow.


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Date & Time:

Available during the Academic Year


On location at your child’s school or educational institution


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